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Fishing - Fishing At Munroe Lake

NORTHERN PIKE - caught and released since 2003

2003 - 2 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2004 - 1 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2005 - 2 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2006 - 1 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2008 - 1 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2009 - 2 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2010 - 2 - 50 inch Northern Pike

2011 - 1 - 50 inch Northern Pike

Without a doubt, Munroe Lake offers some of Canada's best trophy Pike fishing - not just early in the season, but all summer long. Big Northerns qualifying as Manitoba Master Angler fish (i.e. 41" + longer) abound, and fish in the 50-inch range are not unusual. Stout tackle is highly recommended. Additionally, there are countless other big gators - pike between 36 - 40" - in the swim, as well as innumerable lesser Pike offering constant action and the basic ingredient for a delicious, guide-prepared shore lunch.

Although Munroe Lake Pike can and are caught almost everywhere around the lake - shallow, deep, off points, in back bays, in the river / creek mouths - the very best summer trophy Pike action consistently comes from the many "cabbage" weedbeds scattered throughout the lake. One small weedbed, located just a minute from the lodge, produced more than 60 Pike in 1 hour. Another extensive mid-lake weedbed produced more than 100 trophy Pike for a group over the course of a week's stay.

Early in the season, just after ice out, big Northerns gather in bunches in the many small, shallow back bays scattered around the lake, and it is not unusual for one small bay to hold 10 to 20 very aggressive trophy Pike.

A few years ago, two Munroe Lake Lodge guests registered no less than 40 Manitoba Master Angler Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling over the course of 7 days, and systematically wearing out tackle - line, leaders, spoons.