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Fishing - Brownstone Outpost


Brownstone Lake, 6 miles to the west of Munroe Lake Lodge, is a beautiful example of a pristine northern body of water surrounded by tundra and trees. Brownstone Lake is app. 6 miles long and 4 miles wide, with much of the same sandy, shallow bays, incoming and outgoing rivers, deeper spots and rocky areas found in Munroe Lake.

This outpost, hosting only four or five groups a year, is relatively unfished. Brownstone has yielded boatload of big Northern Pike as well as trophy Lake Trout pretty well all summer long. Arctic Grayling are also found in the rivers and streams.

The newly improved cabin holds six guests comfortably. As well, a treat for outcamp regulars, we offer a three piece indoor bathroom with flush toilet. We also have hot and cold running water, solar powered lights, propane fridge and stove, and a satellite phone.

There are three 16ft boats with either 9.9 or 15 hp Yamaha's. Each boat has everything you need, including a depth finder if you wish.

All food is provided at our Brownstone outpost.

The cabin has 3 bedrooms with comfortable bunk beds, as well as a large kitchen and dining room and a beautiful sunroom with sofa and chair.

We are very proud of our Brownstone outcamp, and we like to make sure our guests are well taken care of. Robert or another staff member will greet your group as the aircraft will be landing directly on Brownstone's 1400 foot natural tundra airstrip. We accompany you by boat to the cabin, a 3 or 4 minute trip, and make sure you are well set up and everything is AOK.

Normally we come back during the week with extra supplies, to do a check up, and, if you are nice, Michelle MAY send some fresh baking.