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Fishing - Fishing Rules & Regulations

Safety is always the first priority!

Life jackets are to be worn, especially in rough waters!

No alcohol in your boat!

If you are going to be late or are in trouble, notify the lodge via the GPS-Spot.

Always let Robert know where you are going after supper!

Munroe Lake Lodge is proud to be a “Catch and Release” fishery. All fish must be released immediately. If you know you will not be measuring your catch, release it before even bringing it into the boat, if possible. If you want to measure the fish, please do it as quickly as possible, then gently release it back to its watery environment.

If you decide to have a shore lunch, the required amount may be kept provided the northern pike is less than 29.5 inches (75 cm) or the lake trout is less than 25.5 inches (65 cm). All grayling must be released at all times.

Barbless hooks are mandatory, single hooks recommended.

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