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Fishing - Arctic Grayling

3 streams flowing in, 1 flowing out !

Flyfishing or regular casting !

Waders on site !

With its three inflowing and one outflowing streams, Munroe Lake offers unique and exciting angling opportunities for Arctic Grayling, the sailfish of the north. For its size, typically 10 to 20", the Arctic Grayling rivals the smallmouth bass with its jarring strikes, spectacular aerial somersaults, short powerful runs, and a decided stubbornness about being netted.

In the stream, Grayling greedily take dry and wet flies, flashy # 0 to # 2 spinners, and any type of small (1/16 to 1/8 oz.) dressed jig, twisters, or grubs. Fishing from shore is possible, but wading mid-stream to better reach the prime riffles, runs and pools will produce more and bigger fish. The footing is treacherous, so a pair of boot waders or athletic shoes is recommended.

For the most aggressive fish, cast bait into the fastest flows and work it downstream. Along current break lines and in eddies, cast the bait cross-stream, slightly ahead of the target area, and retrieve it steadily as it moves downstream and across the flow.

Arctic Grayling are very fragile fish and easily injured by treble hooks, rough handling and time out of water. For sure hookups and easy live releases, small, single, barbless hooks are recommended. Because of their fragile nature and limited river habitat, this is a catch & release fishery - no fish for shore lunch.

Come and experience the excitement of Arctic Grayling fishing at its best. Many trophy graylings (18 inches + ) are caught each year on Munroe Lake.