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Hunting Rules & Regulations

1. Safety is the first priority, never travel with a loaded gun.
2. Upon arrival you will be provided with your hunting license. You must obtain your hunting license before you start hunting, as well, you must have your license on your person at all times when you are hunting.
3. As soon as your animal is down, you must immediately notch the date portion of your tag.
4. Your first license allows you to take one caribou; you must have your second license on your person if you go after a second caribou.
5. The Moose license is for a Bull only.
6. Gray wolves, one per hunter, may be hunted provided you possess an unused license. There are no tagging requirements for wolves and taking a wolf will not use up your caribou or moose license.
7. A blaze orange hat and vest, 400 square inches visible from all side is mandatory while you are hunting.
8. Hunt as humanely as possible, make the kill fast with one good shot. Tracking and finding a wounded animal is top priority as the wounded animal is considered your kill.

For more information, see the online Manitoba Hunting Guide.