Checklist for Hunters PDF Print E-mail


New since 2012 - Hunter Safety Certificate from your jurisdiction

* Warm Clothes
* Light Clothes
* Warm Gloves
* Warm Socks
* Warm Hat
* Boots (Wet and Dry)
* Good rain Gear
* Warm sleeping Bag
* Toiletries, towel, etc..
* Flashlight
* Camera / video camera
* Power cords for devices needing re-charging
* Binoculars
* Fishing Tackle
* Bug Repellent
* Bug Mask and Jacket
* Duct Tape
* Blaze Orange Hat - Mandatory
* Blaze Orange Vest - Mandatory
* Vest must be 400 square inches of blaze orange visible from all 4 sides

Optional items:

Spotting scope

Shooting stick

We also recommend you explore the possibility of purchasing trip insurance.  

We never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.