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Fishing Information

The Northeast Division of Manitoba has regulations for fishing that are generally open all year round. It is required to use barbless hooks and live bait fish is not allowed. There are High Quality Management Waters in the division with specific limits for certain fish species including walleye/sauger, pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling. These waters require the release of larger fish and only single, barbless hooks may be used.

For detailed information on the regulations, refer to the 2022 Angler's Guide for Manitoba's Northeast Division available on the Manitoba government website.

License Fees

(includes GST)

Note: An administration fee will be added to all angling licence fees above, except Resident Senior Conservation Licence.

New angling licence types and fees to take effect April 1, 2023.

General Limits

Fish are considered to be in possession if they are not immediately released into the water from which they were taken.

Barbless hooks must be used.

No live bait fish.

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