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Munroe Lake Lodge Travel Details

Munroe Lake Lodge is located on Munroe Lake, an idyllic spot 700 miles north of the Manitoba, North Dakota border. The lodge is the only organization on the 16-mile-long, 4-mile-wide lake, which features a 3300-foot well-maintained gravel landing strip and several inflowing creeks, shallow bays, sandy beaches, and rock piles. Traveling to Munroe Lake Lodge is a wonderful experience, as visitors are treated to the breathtaking natural scenery and the lodge's comfortable accommodations.


Crossing the Border

To cross the border into Canada, a valid passport is a mandatory requirement. However, if you do not possess a passport, you may present an original birth certificate or certificate of citizenship or naturalization in combination with government-issued photo identification such as a driver's license, which can be accepted as sufficient documentation.


Flying Commercial Airline

Winnipeg's James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is serviced by most major airlines, offering a convenient option for travelers. Direct flights to Winnipeg are readily available from Chicago, Minneapolis, and Denver, as well as all major Canadian cities.


Driving Winnipeg to Thompson

It takes approximately 7 hours to drive from Winnipeg, MB, to Thompson. At our air charters, guests can park their vehicles safely and securely. If you're traveling with a group of 2-4 people, sharing the drive allows for more non-stop travel and can provide entertainment during the journey while saving a considerable amount over flying.

If driving to Thompson is your preferred option, please note that our flights for The Lodge depart from Thompson at approximately 6:00 pm on the evening before your fishing trip commences.


Flight to the Lodge

Our chartered plane can transport you from Thompson to the private runway at Munroe Lake Lodge in approximately 75 minutes of flight time. 


Enjoy Your Stay

Relax and enjoy your experience at the Munroe Lake Lodge. 


Flight Back to Thompson

On your last day of fishing, you'll join us for dinner, and then fly back to Thompson to spend the night.


Drive to Winnipeg

The following day, you will make your way to Winnipeg on a 7 hour drive.


Return Home

You'll catch the early flight from Winnipeg's James Armstrong Richardson International Airport to connect with your flights back home. If you're driving, you'll have the entire day to reach your destination.

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