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Northern Pike


Fishing for northern pike is a thrilling experience that is sure to provide anglers with a challenge and a sense of accomplishment. These predatory fish are known for their aggressive nature and their ability to put up a strong fight when hooked. Northern pike can be found in a variety of freshwater environments, including lakes, rivers, and streams. They are typically found in areas with abundant vegetation, as they use this cover to ambush their prey.

At our lodge, we offer guided northern pike fishing trips that take you to the best spots on the lake. Our experienced guides are well-versed in the habits and behaviors of northern pike, and they will teach you the most effective techniques for catching these elusive fish. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, you are sure to have a great time and catch some impressive northern pike. We provide all the necessary equipment and baits, so all you need to bring is your fishing license and a sense of adventure.

Northern Pike Gallery

Best Tackle for Northern Pike

Don’t bring a ton of lures.

Don’t bring musky-sized lures. They will work, but are too heavy for related casting, but the 2½ to 3 inch spoons noted above will do the job better. 

All hooks on your fishing line must have all of the barbs pinched down. Best to pinch down the barbs of all the lures you bring prior to leaving home. Manitoba law says that the lure on your rod has to have pinched barbs, but not the ones in your tackle box. This means, you don’t have to pinch all your lures prior to arrival, in case you plan to take them somewhere else that may allow barbs.

Northern Pike


Lures for the Pike did not have to be large. In fact, a moderately sized spoon, about 2 ½ to 3 inches long will be perfect. See the photo below for my favourite spoons. Classic Canadian favourites are the Five of Diamonds, Red & White, and Perch colors. Medium sized size 5 Mepps spinners also do well. Slower presentations and variable retrieve rate is the way to go.


Many people like to add a 2-3 inch white rubber twister tail to one of the tines on the treble hook of their spoon for added attraction. The same lures caught Pike and Lakers of substantial size. Over-all it is more favorable to take the treble hooks off and replace it with a single hook, which will make un-hooking all the Pike a lot quicker and more convenient. The single hook does result in a slight reduction in successful hook-ups, but we have found that the big ones take it deep into the gill rakers most times and they still get hooked up nicely with the single hook. 

Len Thompson No.1

Len Thompson No. 1, ¾ oz, 2.75 in.


Dardevle Devle Dog ¾ oz
Fire Tiger


Johnson’s Silver Minnow, silver, 


Dardevle Devle Dog ¾ oz
Five of Diamonds


3 inch curly tail grub, white


Johnson’s Silver Minnow, Five of Diamonds

Rod & Reel

My favorite rod would be a 7 ft medium to medium heavy 2-piece, with a medium size 4000 series reel with 40 lb braided line. I would suggest braided line since it will allow for longer casts. Lots of fellows also use a casting reel, same as for largemouth bass, and that will work fine also.

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