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Bear Hunts

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime black bear hunting experience, look no further than Munroe Lake Lodge. Located in Pinawa, Manitoba, Munroe Lake Lodge offers exceptional black bear hunting opportunities, along with personalized service to ensure you have the best possible hunting experience.


Situated in a prime location on the edge of large agricultural areas and the bush line, bears in this area have access to the food sources and habitat they need to grow big. The bears in this region can weigh over 800 pounds in the fall, thanks to the abundance of crops. Additionally, this area of Canada produces a high percentage of color-phase black bears, making it a great destination for hunting enthusiasts. Come to Munroe Lake Lodge for an unforgettable black bear hunting adventure.

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Bear Hunting

5 Days / 5 Nights

$9,795 per hunter

1 Guide to 2 Hunters


  • Bear Hunting

  • Wolf and Ptarmigan hunting

  • Fishing

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