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2023 In Review: A Successful Year At Munroe Lake Lodge

2023 was an incredible year here at Munroe Lake Lodge; we hope everyone reading this had an amazing year as well.

We’re going to get into some of the highlights of our year, but before we do, we’d like to say a few thank yous. Thank you to our phenomenal staff; we’ve got some of the best guides, housekeepers, and cooks in the world on our team, and we’re so glad to work with each and every one of you.

A big thank you to all of our clients, too—running this lodge has been a dream, and being able to share our love of fishing and hunting with other people who are passionate about the outdoors has been a true highlight of our lives. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you—thank you, thank you, thank you.

2023 wouldn’t have been a success without all of you—and what a success it was! Our guests bagged Moose, Caribou, and all kinds of fish—often, all in a single trip!

The Thrill of the Hunt

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a bull Moose from across the lake or the sight of roving herds of majestic Barren-ground Caribou. These are just some of the incredible experiences our clients had with us in 2023; the thrill of the hunt is alive and well in Northern Manitoba.

The Caribou and Moose populations near our lodge are thriving, and the hunters at our lodge bagged a whole lot of gorgeous bulls—all without doing any harm to the ecosystem. The success of this year has been incredible for us—business is booming, and we look forward to welcoming many more hunters in 2024. 

Caribou Hunting: A 100% Success Rate!

Every single group that came to our lodge to hunt for barren-ground caribou bagged one. That’s a 100% success rate - we’re proud of our clients and our guides for achieving it. What an exceptional year! 

In the two photos above, you can see the gorgeous antlers on both of these bulls. Barren-ground caribou antlers vary significantly; each set of antlers are unique.

The Barren-ground Caribou that migrate through the area around our lodge are one of the healthiest populations in Canada. This means they can be hunted without fear of harming the ecosystem. We ensure that all of our guests have the appropriate hunting licences—this helps us preserve the Caribou.

A healthy population means there is a truly mind-boggling number of Caribou bulls for our guests to hunt. In 2023, many of our guests fully tagged out within a couple of days. They left with beautiful antlers and unforgettable memories. We expect to be fully booked for Caribou hunting in 2024, and we’re thrilled about the success our guests have had. 

Bow hunting is one of the most thrilling ways of hunting for caribou - and our guest above had quite a lot of success with the technique! 

Breathtaking wilderness, majestic wildlife, and the smile on the face of our guest - this picture says it all.  Speaking of breathtaking nature, when the day’s hunt is done, and it’s time to sit outside by the fire and look at the stars, there are some incredible sights in store for you:

Seeing the Northern Lights after a day of traveling, hunting and fishing - there really is nothing like it.

Moose Hunting: Strong at an 80% success rate!

Bull Moose are on almost any big game hunter’s list; these majestic creatures are one of the most recognizable animals in Canada! We fully booked our moose hunting slots in 2023, and our hunters had an astonishing 80% success rate. 

Our Moose hunters had a lot of success this season, bagging some absolutely huge bulls. The Moose population here in Northern Manitoba is massive; our hunters sometimes felt like the hardest part of the trip was choosing which bull to bag, not finding them in the first place. 

This bull’s antlers are a perfect example of what makes the species so special. Note that because the hunting season is in the fall, there’s no velvet on the palmate antlers at all - it’s all been rubbed off.

The goal we’ve set for 2024 is simple—we’re going to aim for a 100% success rate for our hunters. We’re already well on our way—the word is out that if you want to test your markspersonship on monster Moose, Munroe is the place. 

Some of This Year's Biggest!

Here are a few of our biggest of the year:

A gorgeous Caribou bull hunted the old-fashioned way by our guest Jim. Bow hunting presents some unique challenges, and Jim was up for the task—bagging this beautiful beast.

This monster of a Moose was bagged by our guest JP; who was our guest all the way from Switzerland.! 

When you aren’t hunting, you can enjoy world-class fishing, as our guest Jacob did—he was a fish and a bit away from completing Manitoba’s angler Grand Slam. The Grand Slam involves catching four master angler fish in one trip:

  • Northern Pike (41” minimum) 

  • Walleye (28 “ minimum)

  • Arctic Grayling (18” minimum)

  • Lake Trout (35” minimum)

Jacob came close, catching all four species, and only coming short a few inches on the Walleye and Trout. We’re a prime spot if you want a Canadian fishing Grand Slam - and you can do some hunting while you’re out here with us, too! 

Booking Your Next Adventure With Munroe Lake Lodge

2023 was incredible. 2024 is shaping up to be even better. We only have a few slots left for Barren-ground Caribou and Moose hunts; these slots always go incredibly quickly, so we recommend booking now.

Thank you again to everyone who made 2023 such a fantastic year. We look forward to seeing you all again next year for all the hunting, fishing, and relaxation you could want. 

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